Youth Ministry

FCC Kid’s 

At First Christian Church we feel that it is important for kids to learn about God’s word. Our programming offers God’s word to the kids during every service. Parents can rest easy knowing that the kids that come to First Christian Church are receiving direct teaching from the Bible.


First Christian Church also offers special events for our kids. Our FCC Kids program has at least one big event each season. During the summer we have Vacation Bible School. Fall starts with the kid's Fall festival. There are a Christmas play and an Easter egg hunt that all kids are encouraged to participate in. In between those main events we have smaller events that offer students more times to be ministered to.

FCC Kid’s Ministry mission 

Our mission and goal is to teach, share, and show, the love and joy that comes from a life of faith in Christ Jesus.

Regular programming 

*Nursery (0-23 months), Beginners (4,5 yrs), Starlighters (2,3 yrs), meet during all services and Sunday school hour.


During the Sunday morning service, kids (1-5 grade ) sit in the sanctuary for worship. After worship, the kids go to their classroom accompanied by their teachers. Once in their classroom, kids will hear about God’s word and learn how to apply it to their lives.


During the Sunday school hour, kids are taught by our Sunday school teachers. The Sunday school classes are split up into two different age groups. Kids that are in 1st-2nd grade go into God’s Helpers class. While the 3rd-5th-grade students go into the Friendship class.


During the Sunday evening service, kids will meet in their classroom upstairs in the education wing. During this lesson time, kids will walk through the Bible and see pictures and articles that will prove to them that the stories in the Bible really happened. 


During the Wednesday evening service, kids will meet in their classroom upstairs in the educational wing. The Sunday morning lesson is continued during the Wednesday evening service. Kids have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss the lesson.